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New York Times, May 2006

BookExpo America Review

...And occasionally even a self-published author generated some enthusiasm in the exhibition hall. A steady flurry of people stopped by the booth that featured "A Very Good Guide to Raising a Daughter," by the father-daughter team Bill and Jenny Good, who had formed their own company to publish and market the book. Several family members passed out copies along with T-shirts, temporary tattoos and purple cloth bags that somehow became one of the must-have goodies of the convention...  Click here for the article

Salt Lake Trib, June 2006

Kirby: Raising daughters and dads

My LDS ward is a young one. Most of the families in it are just starting out. Because of our toddler sprawl, effective parenting gets a lot of Sunday airplay.

Unfortunately, much of the parenting advice is theory being represented as fact by people who only recently emerged from puberty themselves. I hope I'm still living here in another 10 years.   Click here for the article

Balita News Service, April 2004

Young LA author gets Congress to pass law that keeps kids safer

"Steven knew he needed a strong weapon to fight this law in Congress. He had read the 'Harold' books and was impressed with the profound emotional impact they had on those that read them. Steven approached Jenny Good, and asked her to write David's story in a way that would touch the hearts of legislatures and get them to agree to change the law, allowing his family to adopt David and keep him safe.

Jenny spent days researching the story and then wrote a poignant story outlining the circumstances of David's situation. Her plan worked. The Act of Congress that allowed David to be adopted by his foster parents was passed as a result of Jenny's story 'Keeping David Safe'. And fittingly, it was passed on her 27th birthday.

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