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First Edition Closeout. Get your order form here.

For centuries, the magic of believing has kept the enchanted barrier around the North Pole strong against the freezing cold and wind that threaten its borders. Traveling from Elfin Lodge to the Balfour house and back, Harold must now help strengthen the magical divider that protects Santa, the elves, and of course the reindeer before another elf disappears for good!

Inspired by every childs question: Does Santa Claus really exist?

Join mischievous elf Harold as he sets off on an adventure to prove to children of all ages that Santa is as real as they believe him to be.

Harold's second adventure takes him to West Virginia during the height of the Great Depression.

Here he meets childhood friends Billy Christiansen and Sarah Langley.

Billy has two wishes for Christmas, though he's not sure he even believes in Santa Claus. One wish is to see his father who had headed West to look for work and hadn't been heard from in almost a year, with the exception of the occasional letter and what little money he had made. The other wish was to see his mother recover from the illness that kept her in bed.

In the third book of Harold's adventures, Harold meets up with Rosie, Lily and Doctor Sarah.

With enough children in the world believing in Santa, Harold no longer has to worry that Pole Valley will be overtaken by the Bitter Wind. However, Harold must now face his most difficult challenge: Lily and Rosie and Doctor Sarah.